Hello and welcome to my website.

Yoga is a journey of study and practice, the more you learn the less you realise you know. I love being able to pass on my experience of yoga, it has been a gift.

I have practiced yoga for over thirty years, but only began my own personal journey to teach yoga after having breast cancer. A mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy left me battered and bewildered in 1997. I found a local yoga class and found healing in mind, body and spirit. Yoga gave me my life back, hence my website is called Yoga For Life, such a personal statement.

My daughter Lisa Wilkinson owns the elbowroom yoga studios in Dublin and she suggested that because I loved yoga so much why not learn to teach it. Over the coming months I travelled from London to Dubin and obtained my Teacher Training Certificate with Yoga Alliance. In 2006 I received my Pregnancy Teacher Training Certificate and it has been a privilege and a pleasure to help and guide women through their pregnancies.

A journey to India 2015 deepened my commitment to this ancient art. Helping me to improve myself as a practitioner and teacher. I teach as I would like to be taught, with patience, understanding and a sense of humour!!!