The Watling Community Centre
145 Orange Hill Road


Home Studio

Yoga For Life Classes, Following Hatha Yoga Practices.

Tuesdays: 7pm to 8pm at The Watling Centre – £8 drop in.

Hatha Yoga ClassesThe word Hatha is composed of ‘sun (ha) and ‘moon’ (tha) conveys a feeling for balance of complementary influences. Hatha yoga involves a combination of surrender and effort. The effort required explains why it is referred to a yoga of force.

Hatha means force or will and this branch of yoga is therefore known as the yoga of will. Yoga asnana (postures) are postures that re-balance the body. They bring strength to weak areas of the body; softness to the tight spots of yoga.

A typical class consists of a gentle warm up, connecting the breath (pranayama) with mind body and spirit. The class then moves on to Hatha yoga asanas (postures) to help tone, strengthen and increase flexibility. Incorporating a flowing movement of forward bends, inversions and twists to stretch the spine.

The class winds down with a deep relaxation to sooth and balance the nervous system, offering the body a rest from physical activity.

Relaxation is essential to store and ground energy created during the class leaving you feeling rejuvenated and revitalised.

Private Classes are available by appointment in my home studio or in your own home.

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