Hatha Yoga

Yoga For Life Classes follow Hatha yoga practices.

The word Hatha is composed of ‘sun (ha) and ‘moon’ (tha) conveys a feeling for balance of complementary influences. Hatha yoga involves a combination of surrender and effort. The effort required explains why it is referred to a yoga of force.

Hatha means force or will and this branch of yoga is therefore known as the yoga of will. Yoga asnana (postures) are postures that re-balance the body. They bring strength to weak areas of the body; softness to the tight spots of yoga.

A typical class consists of a gentle warm up, connecting the breath (pranayama) with mind body and spirit. The class then moves on to Hatha yoga asanas (postures) to help tone, strengthen and increase flexibility. Incorporating a flowing movement of forward bends, inversions and twists to stretch the spine.

The class winds down with a deep relaxation to sooth and balance the nervous system, offering the body a rest from physical activity.

Relaxation is essential to store and ground energy created during the class leaving you feeling rejuvenated and revitalized.