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"I initially attended Beverley’s yoga class, when I was expecting my second child and wasn’t sure I would benefit from antenatal yoga during my third pregnancy as I was having a planned c-section this time. I changed my mind after having a number of back aches, which went away as soon as I started to attend Beverley’s classes. Even with a planned c section I found the breathing exercises really useful throughout the delivery. I loved going to the classes, and enjoyed the relaxed environment, the opportunity to meet other mothers to be and chatting with Beverley. My only regret is that I waited until I was 28 wks pregnant before starting the classes and not earlier."

- Hedi -

"I attended Beverley’s pregnancy yoga class from when I was 20 weeks pregnant. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and felt the breathing techniques, postures and general tips that Beverley provided really helped me throughout my pregnancy. The classes were in a calm, relaxing room and I always slept like a baby after each class, which was great. I would highly recommend Beverley’s pregnancy yoga classes to all mums-to-be."

- Pari -

"I met Beverley through Pregnancy Yoga and then joined her Hatha Yoga class. I had been going to yoga classes on and off over the years, Beverley's class helped me to really get back into it. I like the varied sitting and standing postures and she sometimes asks if there are any areas people would like to work on. I have also found it to be a friendly class. "

- Desi -

"Beverly was my yoga teacher for many years at the gym I was a member of. From the yoga teachers teaching at the gym I found Beverly’s classes the best and most enjoyable. Hence I ended up only attending her classes. I have a lower back problem and sometimes certain yoga poses could aggravated this condition. However, Beverly’s classes were gentle and she always told me what poses I should be careful with not to aggravate my condition. Since then the gym has closed and I have not joined another gym. However, I have had one to one yoga sessions with Beverly in her own home where she has a room beautifully equipped for yoga. Not only is Beverly a very good yoga teacher, she is also a very nice lady that I can highly recommend."

- Agneta -

"I started Beverly’s pregnancy yoga class when I was 17 weeks. I found it extremely useful & used many of the the breathing exercises & positions in birth. Bev was excellent and I really enjoyed my yoga sessions. Bev’s home studio is really homey and relaxing."

- Naila -

"Beverley’s yoga class is great for beginners and intermediates - I’ve been attending almost every week for over a year and a half, having never tried yoga before. Her calm manner and deep knowledge are really helpful for grasping the standard poses/routines as well as experimenting with the more advanced ones. I come away from each lesson feeling thoroughly nimble and relaxed! Highly recommended."

- Ardziv -

"I started yoga with Beverley a year ago and really enjoy Hatha. She is very warm and knowledgeable, she will suggest alternative moves, allowing for everyone's capabilities. Beginners to more experienced are all welcomed. I have found it great for strength, fitness and stress. I can now sort out my aches and pains. Couldn't recommend a better yoga teacher."

- Helen -

"I love going for Beverley's Yoga classes. Her yoga has helped me a lot, both physically and emotionally as well. My body and mind feel more at peace and harmony. Apart from the benefits of yoga, such as being more supple, it is a joy..."

- Sophia -

"Beverley makes extra effort to welcome newcomers and ensure that they get up to speed with the rest of the class. She is also keen to point out that yoga is not competitive and that everybody will have more or less difficulty with the individual exercises. The sessions are very relaxed and inviting."

- Tony -

"Beverley is an excellent teacher of Hatha Yoga, her classes are centred around the needs of her group and designed to suit everyone. Taking the time to relax you into the class and focus your attention, Beverley builds up to the deeper postures as the class progresses, varying the postures each week with an excellent relaxation technique to close the session. Beverley is an approachable and welcoming teacher and I would recommend her classes to anyone."

- Marina -

"I came to Beverley's classes unsure of whether I could manage in a yoga class at all. (Due to all kinds of problems - back trouble, inflexibility, etc) but Beverley was very understanding with me, gave me nothing but encouragement, and never lost patience ... the atmosphere in her classes is pretty good, she takes you through a great range of postures/relaxation, and by going regularly I learn so much about yoga ... would recommend it to anyone."

- Daniel -

"I met Bev, at LA Fitness a few months ago when i first took up yoga. Since then she has been an inspiration to me during my most difficult period of my life. She not only has helped me with yoga itself but I have taken up relaxation privately with her in her home which has helped me no end!!! All i can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH Bev, you've been brill and a true friend."

- Johnny -

"I would highly recommend Beverly's yoga classes to anyone who wants to learn and practice yoga in a friendly and relaxed environment. Attendees are encouraged to progress at their own pace with consistent and supportive guidance and most importantly... a smile! I was recovering from a fractured spine when I met Beverly by chance one day and after a very nice conversation I decided to go to her class that evening. I felt the benefits the very next day and was honestly quite astounded at how effective it was. If you're thinking yoga might help you for whatever reason, my advice would be give it a go. The Yoga For Life classes are a great place to start!"

- Eamon -

"I highly recommend Beverley's Yoga class, it went above and beyond what i expected. I initially went because my body felt tense, however from attending the classes i became more relaxed and found I was able to deal with stress easier and my whole body was limber and definitely more toned. Beverley leads the class in a non intimidating way which makes it accessible for all."

- Rochelle -

"Great class. Good value for money and a great way to destress."

- Andrea -

"I started Beverley's Yoga for Life a few months ago. I enjoy it very much. Good quality of class and good value for money."

- Ying Li -

"Working as a massage therapist Beverley's yoga class has really helped me. Working long hours yoga has really helped to stretch my back and open my shoulders. Whilst training for a half marathon yoga really helped me with my stretching and keeping me calm Beverley's class has changed my life. Im definitely addicted to yoga and have Beverley to thank for enriching my life."

- Geraldine -

"Beverly is a patient, encouraging yoga teacher. Her knowledge and experience allow her to understand each member's individual needs. However this does not affect the flow of the class, with each session having a focus. Beverly is excellent at using herself as a resource to demonstrate each yoga position. I particularly enjoy the meditation at the end of each class. I would highly recommend Beverly to anyone wishing to practise high quality yoga."

- Louise -

"I really enjoyed attending Beverley’s pregnancy yoga classes. I found the classes very relaxing after looking after my energetic toddler. They gave me a chance to unwind and concentrate on myself and my unborn baby for an uninterrupted hour. The relaxation and stretching positions I learnt in the classes were useful for the later stages of my pregnancy when I felt very achy and tired. Beverley was also very conscious of my SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) which I suffered from during my pregnancy and ensured that all of the yoga positions she taught me didn’t put any unnecessary strain on my pelvis. The breathing exercises were particularly useful during the early stages of my labour (I ended up having an emergency caesarean so couldn’t put into practice all of what I had been taught). I would definitely recommend Beverley’s pregnancy yoga classes to other expectant mums."

- Sarah -

"I would recommend pregnancy yoga with Beverley to anyone. As a first time mother I was very frightened of labour and the classes I did taught me invaluable breathing techniques which enabled me to manage the pain. I found the classes to be the perfect balance of gentle stretching and calming breathing."

- Helen -

"I thoroughly enjoyed Beverley's pregnancy yoga classes and would leave every session feeling wonderful! The classes helped me through pregnancy by relieving aches and pains and aiding relaxation and also helped at the birth of my son with the breathing techniques (plus the classes introduced to me to other pregnant women). Beverley is warm, friendly and a great teacher. I would definitely recommended her classes."

- Anna -

"I absolutely loved Beverley's yoga in pregnancy class which i did in her home studio right up to my due date. I found it really helpful especially during labour where some of the breathing techniques and positions helped to keep me calm and relaxed. Beverly is a great teacher and the classes are a fantastic way to meet other pregnant women/mums to be."

- Nicola -

"I really enjoyed Beverley's pregnancy yoga classes it helped me feel very relaxed. Each session helped me to prepare for labour and during my pregnancy by teaching different position to relive aches and pains and breathing technique. Beverley's studio is warm and relaxing and she is friendly and a great teacher. I would highly recommended her classes."

- Jaya -

"I always enjoyed each class and although I felt quite tired through my pregnancy, I always left Beverley's classes feeling reenergised. The breathing techniques were particularly helpful as during my contractions I was able to breathe through them which helped with the pain and helped me to know what to do when I was given the gas and air. The yoga was adapted when I became more heavily pregnant. Beverley was very approachable and available to answer questions in between classes. Thanks so much for your help beverley!"

- Laura -

"As a virtual beginner, I found Beverley's pregnancy yoga sessions to be informal and very enjoyable. The intimacy of the small class in her home studio ensured that it wasn't intimidating like other classes I've attended and I looked forward to the relaxing class each week. I can't recommend it highly enough for any soon-to-be Mums."

- Zila -

"I had complicated pregnancy, but the journey of 9 months went very smoothly because I went for pregnancy yoga classes with Beverley. As I was born and brought up in India, I knew that yoga is very beneficial for mental & physical health. However, I never expected that I'll not need any painkiller's or any pain relief with simply following breathing & relaxation routines of yoga. Thanks to Beverley. After this wonderful experience, I am thinking of following in Beveley's footsteps. i.e. I am thinking of taking yoga training to become a yoga teacher soon."

- Jasmine -

"I started pregnancy yoga with Beverly from around 17 weeks and continued till I gave birth as I found the classes so helpful and relaxing. Beverly has a wonderful way about her, putting you at ease with pregnancy and birth issues and ensuring you feel confident in doing all the yoga moves whether you have never done yoga before or a practicing yogi like myself. The yoga routine was easy to follow and I honestly believe her encouragement and weekly retreat helped me achieve a wonderful water birth with no pain relief! would highly recommend."

- Sharona -

"Absolutely LOVED Beverley's pregnancy yoga class at her home studio. She projects so much positive energy and calmness but at the same time we always managed to have a giggle despite the aches and exhaustion towards the end of my pregnancy! I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxation part of the class, covered in a cosy blanket listening to Beverley's positive words (and soft calming voice!) - what more can you ask for! I would highly recommend Beverley's class to anyone, even those that have not practised yoga before. I started at the beginning of my pregnancy which I felt helped me emotionally connect with my baby and also gave me the opportunity to practice my breathing in preparation for the birth. Beverley's instructions are clear and I found it very useful when she explained the benefits of each movement. I suffered pelvic girdle pain during my third trimester and Beverley provided me with guidance, tips and altered the moves to cater for my restrictions. 3 months after giving birth, I still miss her class!"

- Emma Cameron’s Mum -

"I started yoga with Beverley at 16 weeks by a random search on the internet, as I wanted someone who did small sessions and concentrated on you more and was so happy when I came across Pregnancy yoga classes that were given by Beverley. They were great and helped me immensely during my birth. Some people are all about making money and having lots of women in 1 group but with Beverley I can truly say it wasn't that at all, a very one to one experience and value for money (even though I know for Beverley it's not about that)... Ever week she would work through the yoga moves with us in a calm and relaxed environment I came out feeling stress free especially if I had a stressful day at work. Beverley was a great and friendly teacher and really knew her stuff. I cannot thank her enough for the weeks she has helped me leading up to the birth of my baby boy. I even showed by husband the breathing techniques she taught me in these classes and these were a godsend during my birth as the hubby helped with breathing all the way through and I had a great natural birth. Beverley i wish you had more classes for after birth. But when I have my next baby I'll be back for more classes."

- Manisha -

"I enjoy every single Hatha Yoga with Beverly, she is perfect. Highly recommended. Great way to destress."

- Jana -

"I have been attending Beverley's one to one Yoga classes for a year now! I had tried group classes and always gave up, now as a result of Beverley's teaching I feel I will soon be competent enough to attend a group class! She comes highly recommended!"

- Margaret -

"Great yoga classes, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere and easy to follow instructions. Very helpful for pregnancy aches and pains!"

- Laura -

"I have tried several yoga classes and then found Beverley's class, which I found to be very informative, relaxed she radiates calm, spirituality of yoga and l would recommend her class very highly."

- Tina -

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